bankrupted bussinesses

They are going bankrupted because they are in debt, and because people don’t have jobs to pay for things.

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This weekend

What I did this weekend is go to the carnival, and my mom bbqed and go to the ivlettes meeting, also go shopping.

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Coffee Shop

What I learned from the coffe shop was how to give the people what they wanted. And how to please the customers.  The eastiest part of being a bussinesswoman was I was makeing a lot of money.

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What I did for spring break

What I did for spring break is go to the ramada a nd go over my anty’s house.

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My favorite song

My favorite song is keyshia cole and monica trust.

Let me be the one who can take from all the things you see. And if you trust in me I can be there for anything you. Give it all to me baby,  and don’t you run from me baby, I’ll give you every little piece fo me no I won’t leave with out a thing cause I no.   

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spring break

What I’m doing for spring break is going skating for my sisters, and little cousins birthday. Also I am going to the movies and going swimming at the ramada.

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Favorite thing to where

My favorite things to where is my colorful coogi outfit because it is pretty and wonderful.

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motivates me

What motivates me to play basket ball is to be the best that I can be. Another thing that motivates me is when I do my best and I can be awarded for doing it.

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greatest impact

My greatest impact in my life is my mom because she always take care of me and make sure im working at my best.

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spring shopping

What I want for spring is some more capries, and a lot more shirts from aeropostale, and wet seal. I also want some more jewlry, and belts.

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